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Sports Massage Cheltenham 

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Shoulder Massage

Sports Massage Cheltenham 

Creating an environment for you to recover

Have you been suffering from consistent aches and pains leaving you unsure on how to resolve them?. Sports massage has been proven to help release muscle tension, improve circulation and remove any waste products built in the muscles. If you are prone to overuse injuries in the workplace or in sport, a sports massage will help progress you in the right direction. 

Here at Rob Ingram Fitness we have our own private studio containing a gym and therapy clinic all suited to insure you get the best treatment and aftercare possible. 


Following your treatment we will provide additional support in the form of home exercises, stretching routines and myofascial release techniques to eliminate your pain and become stronger altogether

How Can Sports Massage Help You

Sports massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue. Soft tissue is connective tissue that has not hardened into bone or cartilage; structures include the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances within these soft tissues that are caused from repetitive work or physical activity related activities. In addition a sports massage can be used to enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent further injuries from occurring.


Other benefits include:

  • Improving overall posture 

  • Address muscle imbalances 

  • Prevention of scar tissue build up

  • Improved recovery 

  • Increased range of movement

  • General relaxation 

  • Relive tired and achy muscles 


Spa Massage

Your First Appointment 

After our initial telephone or email conversation I will schedule you in for your first consultation appointment. 

The first 15 - 20 Minutes will be a conversation around the history of your symptoms and how they are affecting your daily living. Following this I will begin to build an understanding on how best to treat your symptoms going forward. 


We will then progress onto an assessment of your current symptoms through a variety of range of movement exercises. This will help identify the next steps of your treatment. 


Once the range of movement exercises have been completed in your first session we will begin helping you right away and apply techniques to relive the muscle tension, pain or tightness you are experiencing. 


At the end of your first appointment I will then offer some home strength or stretching exercises that will improve your symptoms going forward. This will be alongside some general aftercare advice following your sports massage. 



What are your current Prices?: Currently our prices are £50 for 60 minutes or £30 for 30 minutes of treatment and this includes all the aftercare advice and support we will give going forward.

Do you diagnose injuries?:  No as sports massage therapists we are not qualified to diagnose injuries. This must be performed by an appropriate physio/sports therapist. In addition if I suspect a more serious pathology during your consultation/assessment I will refer to the appropriate health professional insuring you get the best treatment for your current needs. 

Is sports massage only suitable for people who undertake sport often? Not at all, Sports massage is a fantastic tool to relieve any soft tissue related dysfunction. A large amount of these can occur from work and life related factors not just sport alone. 

Does Sports massage hurt? We will try to keep pain to a comfortable level. We use a scale from working in a 2 out of 5 pain to help relive scar tissue and tension that has built up. However, we refer to this as good pain and progressive for you and your symptoms.

What should I wear for sports massage treatment? This will depend on the area we need to work on but generally you only need to expose skin that needs to be treated. 

What do I need in preparation for a sports massage? Make sure you are nice and hydrated and have appropriate clothing.


How often should I get a sports massage? This will depend on the individual. Some people will require just a couple of sessions while others depending on their circumstances may need regular fortnightly to monthly sessions. My job is to make you need me less and less not more often and we we will strive towards that. 

Do you work with other Health Professionals? Yes, in certain circumstances it will be more appropriate to refer you to a health professional better suited to your current needs. In instances where your symptoms do not improve or other areas become aware to me during your consultation or treatment. I will always direct you towards the appropriate professional 





Hear What Others Have to Say


Rob was very professional and knowledgeable when I went to see him with an issue regarding pain when running. He was able to get me through my first half marathon and then supported me with recovery exercises afterwards.
Highly recommend!!!

Kath Preece


Rob is a fantastic sports physio and sorted my neck out in a matter of weeks. He puts you at ease and explains everything he's doing and why which really helps you understand your recovery. The cycling and running chat is also a bonus.

Matthew Hewis

Massage Therapy

Rob is excellent - professional, experienced - an excellent physio. My back problems have improved immeasurably thanks to Rob's manipulation and the exercises he suggested. I recommend him strongly.

Damian Griffiths

Massage Therapy

Rob’s careful and professional treatment has kept me moving and without pain over past months. Brilliant!

Lorraine Dodd


Unit 2, Space Business Centre, Cheltenham GL51 9FL, UK

07895 532264

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