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30 Day Personal Training Pass

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Health & Fitness

A Results-Driven Training Method

Our 30 day trial has been designed to give you the best start in achieving your goals. You will have access to 7 one to one personal training sessions, unlimited HIIT classes and access to our client only space. All combined to give you an incredible fitness experience and service to achieve results.


A Nutrition Plan You Can Stick To

To supplement the training you will be undertaking we will also support you with your nutrition. As we gym for shape and diet for weight there is a real emphasis on what we eat on a daily basis and I will help find what works best for you to support your goals.


A Supportive 30 Day Plan

Along side the personal training, HIIT classes and nutritional help we will also offer you a full 30 day program. This program can be used to supplement what you do in our sessions utilising our client only gym upstairs. This is a fantastic opportunity to work on areas which we may not have time for in sessions such as additional core, cardiovascular or full strength training routines. All of this combined will give you the best chance to achieve results.

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Let's Get Started

Thankyou for submitting your form. I will be in contact with you soon to schedule your consultation

How Our Program Works


We will start the program with an initial consultation. Here we will discuss your previous exercise and nutritional history, get you comfortable in the studio and give you a little taste of a workout. We will also use this time to get to know each other and discuss the trial and how we can individualise it for you.


Creating a tailored plan that works for you?

During the trial you will have access to 7 x personal training sessions, use of our client only gym and access to our hiit classes. Following the consultation and first couple of personal training sessions we will evaluate the best 30 day plan for you which is fun, sustainable and adjusted to your current level of fitness and exercise experience.


Tracking and measuring progress 

When it comes to personal training we understand that what gets tracked gets measured. Allowing us to make strategic changes to your nutrition and training to allow you to see results over time. I use trainerize for this which acts as your personal log to record/view your workout, nutritional and habitual progression over time.


Nutritional guidance

Along with the training program, I will assist you with your daily nutrition. I mainly use a habits based approach for this and create small changes over time which yield fantastic results. You do not have to starve yourself or stop eating the things you enjoy to see results.



Lastly this free trial will help you find consistency, with consistency comes results. So it is important we find what style of training you enjoy most and you can see yourself doing for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Does The Trial Cost

The  trial costs £100 and that includes 7 personal training sessions, 1 sports massage and then all of the additional support you will need in the form of additional workouts and nutritional support 


What types of training will we be doing?

During your consultation we will cover all the aspects of your training and health history. From here we will be able to identify what training method will work best for you, I am not restricted to a certain type of training. I will find a style that works for you and your goal while making sure your having as much fun as possible.


Can I train with a friend?

Yes you can train with a friend if you can both train at the same times per week. We are a big advocate of routine here so if you can commit to the same sessions then that is great and who doesn't like a training buddy when sessions get tough! 


What happens after the trial?

You’re free to choose. If you want to carry on and work with us to reach your fitness goals, we’ll suggest an appropriate membership option, our membership options range between £125-£336 per month depending on the membership you choose. We aren’t here to sell you the most expensive membership option but the one that suits your goals, preferences and budget.

If you decide that we aren’t for you, then we have a pay as go HIIT classes and private gym sessions.

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Hear What Others Have to Say


After putting on Covid weight, I knew I needed to do something about it. I’ve been seeing Rob since October. I’ve never had a PT before so was a bit apprehensive about how it would go. But Rob has been great and understood exactly what I wanted out of the sessions. Sessions are tough but always a lot of fun. Outside of my sessions, Rob has put together a running plan to help improve my pace and enthusiasm for running. I even recommended Rob to my friend. Rob has increased my confidence and I’m seeing good results already!!!

Izzy Matthews


Started on the 30 day trial in Feb and it is the best decision I have made. I do both PT and HIIT sessions and love it. Rob is very professional and personable and pushes you to the limit. He encourages and motivates you, and I cant recommend him enough. The gym itself is immaculate and Rob talks you through how to use the equipment properly so as not to hurt yourself. Brilliant 5 stars 

Caroline Spencer


I started with the month free trial Rob offers and it is great. He took the time to get to know my exercise habits and my goals. I feel so much better about myself thanks to him. Would highly recommend

Alice Ford


Brilliant PT, understanding, patient. Shown me what I CAN do with my limitations the encouragement and support really helps on harder days

Lettie Tongue 

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