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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Every day people are trying to improve their health and fitness. However, people are finding themselves struggling to be consistent and becoming disheartened with their workouts. With a large body of information out their it is difficult to find what will work for you. This may have lead to you thinking is it worth hiring a personal trainer. If this is you I have created a list of the benefits of hiring a personal trainer and how this will help you achieve your goals.

So What Does A Personal Trainer Do?

Personal trainers are certified exercise professionals who will work with you on a one to one basis. This can be either in person at a gym, your local park, home or even online depending on your current needs. Personal Trainers will design effective workout plans based on your current fitness level taking into consideration your exercise and injury/health history. With regular appointments with your personal trainer it will help you stay on track and create the consistency needed to help you achieve your goals. Personal trainers are a fantastic resource to make workout programs fun, engaging and tailored to you. Personal trainers take out all the guess work so you can focus on the workout itself and enjoying the plan. Additionally, if you need support with nutrition, personal trainers also have the tools to help you debunk some of the myths and traps we fall into affecting your goals. Ultimately personal trainers like myself want to make every bit of your journey to becoming healthier, stronger or fitter as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

Tailoring a plan for you: Once you have completed your initial consultation and gone through a basic workout a personal trainer will be able to develop a plan based off your current fitness level and experience. These plans will offer progressive overload and be adapted to your fitness goal allowing you to show up to the gym and put your best effort into each session. When trying to achieve a goal this is fantastic as their are many training styles such as bodyweight training, high intensity interval training (HIIT) or resistance based training for you to experience. As a beginner this can lead you to not knowing where to go or which plan will work best for you. With a personal trainers guidance they can find the most suitable and most appropriate system for you and your goal. Saving you a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

Making fitness fun: In addition to finding the most suitable plan it is a personal trainers job to find which style of training you will enjoy most. Over the years I have found that no one will follow a plan if they find it boring or they do not enjoy it. This has lead me to developing plans which are not always the most effective or quickest route compared to other available methods to a clients goals . However, I know consistency and enjoyment are essential for long term success when trying to achieve a goal. So it is important to find what style you enjoy the most for example circuit strength or bodyweight training. With a personal trainers guidance you will be able to find what method of training you enjoy most in a safe environment and workout a plan utilizing this method to get results.

Accountability and Consistency: Once a personal trainer has found what training you enjoy most it is time to build consistency to move towards achieving your goal. While working with a personal trainer you should be scheduling in sessions each week which you can commit to from 30 to 60 minutes. Now depending on your goal this can range from 1 -3 times per week. As a personal trainer I often hear clients say things such as " I cant be asked today" or "I am not feeling it today". Phrases like these are fine, you are human not a machine. However, if left alone these are days we tend to give in and not commit to the gym. With a scheduled appointment however, this changes things. With a commitment in the diary you are more likely to show up and on the days your not 100% a personal trainer can easily adapt sessions to support this. Over time this will be the difference in reaching your goal.

Adaptability: Have you ever found yourself about to train but felt a niggle in your knee or shoulder? or you are just not feeling 100%. Personal trainers will have the knowledge to work around these problems allowing you to still get a great workout in without any extra risk. It is a rare occurrence that you will feel great for every workout. With my clients I always say out of every 10 workouts only 2 of them you will feel great due to life and work stresses, injuries or illnesses. However, it is a personal trainers job to adapt the sessions intensity and exercises to work around this. Allowing you to still make progress towards your goals without having to miss a workout.

Nutritional support: No matter what your fitness goal is whether that be fat loss, muscle building or sports performance, nutrition will play a vital role in helping you achieve it. Just like fitness, nutrition can be a very complex and confusing subject for most. With a variety of diet fads, nutritional preferences and quick fixes it is no wonder people struggle to find what will work best. A personal trainer can help simplify this for you and find solutions to break things down and make the nutritional side of your goal easier. A large proportion of us forget how to create and eat a balanced diet. Over many years this leads to forming habits which will take awhile to adapt. A personal trainer can work on a weekly basis to slowly create a positive change and show you how you can still have foods and drinks you enjoy. Without the risk of sabotaging your results in the long term.

Looking To Start Personal Training In Cheltenham?

If any of these points have shown you how beneficial a personal trainer can have in helping you achieve your goals. Here at Rob Ingram Fitness we offer a introduction to personal training in Cheltenham. This is a 30 day trial that integrates everything above. Helping you find the system that will achieve the results you want. We also have our own private studio and are solely a one to one gym creating an environment for you to enjoy your heath and fitness journey.

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